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Updated: Feb 22

Big News!  As you know,  I’ve always had a passion for helping people live their best lives.  My years training and researching skin health have made me realise just how important nutrition is to the health of the skin as well as our physical, emotional and mental health.

I also find that my own health problems have always led me on a journey which then inevitably, enables me to go on and help clients who are facing a similar challenge.


Well, during the lockdowns, I made a choice to stop taking many of the nutrition supplements I had been investing in, after all, how did I know they were doing anything for me? I felt we were all in such an uncertain financial situation that I should save money where I could.  I did, however, question if I was doing the right thing but before I could re-invest again, I wanted to look for a way of proving just exactly what my body needed!


That’s why In the last 6 months, I’ve been training and researching a more holistic, 360 approach to complete health - which of course includes the skin too.  I’m very proud to now be working with a great company called ZinZino. The company concentrates on creating your unique optimum inner gut and cellular health which in turn has a profound effect on our skin health as well as our overall physical, mental and emotional state. 

My journey started with taking a dry blood spot test, both quick and simple.  I sent it away to Vitase to have it analysed and awaited my results.  In the meantime I invested into taking a Balance Oil containing omega3 and harvested olive oil.  After 3 weeks, quite surprisingly, I started to see a difference with the pain in my knees lessening (as most of you know I spend most of my life standing up doing treatments of walking my dog).


This is why I am now delighted to announce that I am able to work with my clients using this test based nutrition in my clinic, to guide them on their personal health journey.  As I mentioned, this systems starts with a blood test to establish your specific gut condition and what it will need in order to build your health and strengthen your immunity.  You will then go on a three step Health Protocol to gently balance, restore and boost the body by building  optimum gut health, strengthening your immune system and restoring balance to your whole system. 


I would so like to help you with your own personal health journey so if this sounds like something you’d like to discuss with me, please call me now on 07850 501836.

Carole xx


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