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A highly effective skin boosting treatment. 




Mesotherapy treatments consist of a series of micro-fine intradermal placements of skin booster which is placed into the skin using a NanoSoft device.  There is NO NEED for anaesthetic cream as the whole process is pain free. The result is a fresh, soft and naturally healthy look. 


What is hyaluronic acid and what happens to the skin when hyaluronic acid is introduced to our skin cells? 


Hyaluronic acid is a miracle molecule. It is naturally produced in our skin but slows down in production due to age. It can hold onto water molecules thereby hydrating the skin and enabling it to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Hyaluronic acid can be quite a large molecule so it is difficult to  absorb through the surface of the skin. By 

using the technique of mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid can be placed using the Nanosoft device just 0.6mm under the skins surface where the fibroblast cells reside.  Once the Hyaluronic acid reaches the fibroblast cell it enables the cell to expand thus encouraging the production of growth factors which in turn stimulates collagen & elastin leading to radiant, healthy, plump skin

Good for 

Suitable for all skin types (I-VI) helping to alleviate ageing, lines & wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage. 

Extremely effective around the eye area (Beautif-EYE treatment) where it treats dark circles as well as fine lines; the neck area where it can eradicate circular neck lines; around the mouth and the lips (French Lip Balm Treatment) and the decollate. 

Treatments Required


The procedure only takes 30 mins and on average 3 - 6 treatments are recommended with maintenance treatments 1-2 times a year. 

Treatment Intervals

2 weeks.  


Little to no downtime is required as the serum papules are absorbed rapidly into the skin. 

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