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A Dermalux Treat Awaits You


Since being back from my holiday, I've had some really warming news regarding the phenomenal health results my clients are achieving using their bespoke ZinZino three step health protocols. In last month's newsletter, I explained how I'm now working with an amazing company, ZinZino, helping clients to optimise their health. We do this primarily through healing and strengthening of their gut flora, which helps strengthen immunity and overall wellbeing. And remember, great health equals great skin!  


Because of this success, my skin consultations now include a full health consultation too, where we discuss nutrition, sleep, stress and any health concerns. From this, I'll be able to suggest a skin AND health programme for you to follow. This 45 minute consultation usually costs £25, the cost of which is fully redeemable on products or treatments you then book or purchase. 


So, my gift to you this month is a full 25 min FREE Dermalux light therapy treatment when you book a 45 minute Skin/Health Consultation between the before the 30th March 2024 and purchase your initial £50 worth of products.


Pop over to my online booking page now to book your Skin and Health Consultation between these dates and then sit back and look forward to being warmed and nurtured by your free light therapy treatment. You'll need to block off a good 


Something to look forward to at last! 

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