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Advanced Blemish Removal 

Advanced Electrolysis - Short Wave Diathermy (electro-cauterisation) 




Advanced electrolysis is a non-invasive, safe and effective form of skin blemish reduction using electrolysis. Historically, electrolysis was probably best knowns as a permanent hair removal method. It works by passing an electrical current into the root of the hair follicle and completely destroying it. Electrolysis has now evolved to include the successful removal of skin blemishes such as skin tags, milia and some types of warts with minimal discomfort. The same electrical current passes down a probe and into the skin where it is able to cauterise the blemish, enabling it to be removed without the need for surgery. In most cases, only a few treatments may be needed to achieve results, but results do vary and are individual. This treatment can also be  successfully used to treat broken capillaries, warts, and spider naevi. 

Caution: We are not medical professionals and we always recommend that you seek your GP’s advice about any skin blemishes that are changing in size or appearance. Please check your moles regularly and see your doctor immediately if you notice any changes and are concerned.  For certain blemishes we will require written GP consent and will refuse treatment and recommend a referral if we are in any doubt 


Conditions that can be treated. 

Age Spots/Pigmentation ......  £85 (60 mins) 

Milia ...... £85.00 (60 mins) 

Skin Tags ...... £85.00 (60 mins) 

Blood Spots ...... £85.00 (60 mins)

Campbell De Morgan ......  £85.00  (60 mins) 

Cherry Angioma ......£85.00 (60 mins)

Clear Moles ..... £200 (60 mins) 

Facial Vein /Telanglectasia ...... £85 (45 mins) 

Filiform Wart Removal ...... £85 (60 mins) 

Plasma Upper Eyelids Skin Tighten ...... £300  (120 mins) 

Sebaceous Hyperplasia ....  £150 (60 mins) 

Seborrhoeic Keratosis ..... £175 (60 mins) 

Treatments Required


In some instances treatments may take only take a few minutes to complete and one treatment may be all you need, it is all dependent on the extent of the skin condition that is being treated. 


No recovery time as such is necessary so you can go back to work or your usual activities straight after the treatment Depending on the  skin condition that has been treated and the size of it, you may get  some post-treatment reddening and scabbing as the area heals. For this reason we suggest you don't book in for this treatment when you have a holiday or special social plans booked in for the week ahead.  5-10 days and everything should be healed in full . 

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