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Founded in April 2021 by South Devon skin specialist, Carole Lacey, the Waterside Aesthetics Clinic is a relaxed, yet highly professional skin clinic and centre of excellence located in the beautiful South Hams, Devon. Carole, an aesthetics, laser and wellbing professional of over 25 years longstanding, opened the clinic with the view to providing a highly specialised yet warm, welcoming and discreet centre of skin excellence for the whole of Devon. There is no standing on ceremony here, Carole's warmth and passion to help her clients is evident right from the get go.  Before any treatment or product recommendation, Carole will recommend you choose one of her consultation options so that she can really get to know you, your health and your skin. Only by doing this can she provide you with the very best treatment and together, you will begin your journey to beautiful skin health, improved self confidence and a new life chapter.  There is nothing to fear, only much to look forward to and rest assured, Carole will have you smiling in no time. 


On her About Me Page you can find out more about Carole and how her passion for skin health came about through her own skin problems and her struggle with self confidence during adolescence.  She also explains in her own words, why and how she became one of the first ever laser specialists in the UK,  and why she continues to sing the praises of the Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser treaments.   Carole's passion for ZO Skin Health range is also clearly evident. And why wouldn't it be. This futuristic skin care range is based on solid science and has firmly established itself as one of the premiere skincare ranges on the planet today,  achieving astonishing results for both men and women.


So, without further ado, please pop over to Carole's page now and read about her inspiring story in her very own words.  Once you have, you'll truly know that you are in a safe pair of expert, understanding hands. 

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