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When I trained to be a beauty therapist back in 1985 I knew that skin was going to be my passion. I noticed that every treatment I ever learnt was always more effective when my client’s skin was healthy. Over the years, my passion for skincare deepened and blossomed into lifelong skin health quest.


This quest never really included the fluffy-puff facials and skin care ranges. Even though I love to pamper and be pampered, what I was really interested in was getting exceptional, long lasting results for my clients. There’s nothing better than seeing how your treatments improve someone’s skin, watching their confidence grow and their life change for the better… and I should know, because I’ve lived it too.


When I was young, I had the normal teenage acne but I also suffered from severe skin redness, dryness and sensitivity. My confidence was decimated. I knew I was heading for rosacea, which at that time was hard to treat and often required prescriptive medication. Determined to find a solution, I started what became this lifetime search for the perfect product range to help me. I finally found that dream product in the ZO Skin Health range.

Why are ZO Skin Health products so phenomenal? Well, they work from the inside out, activating and stimulating skin cells to nourish, repair and maintain themselves at the deepest level. This is why ZO are so successful in treating skin conditions such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, ageing and rosacea. It’s no miracle, it’s just that ZO helps Nature do what it intended - create beautiful, healthy skin. I’ve see these results on my own skin and know just how much it has enhanced my life. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others achieve the same results.


There’s something else that you might like to know about me. Way back in 1985 when I set up my first clinic, I became an electrologist teacher and a member of the Association of Therapy Teachers. This position took me to other clinics where I taught various forms of highly specialised, invasive and non-invasive electrolysis. I adored it, became a specialist in the field and started supporting other practitioners who had clients with severe unwanted hair growth. This ignited my huge interest in laser technologies and in 1999 I became one of the first qualified Laser Technicians to specialise in Laser Hair Removal.


I opened Waterside Aesthetics in April 2021, it's my own private aesthetic clinic here in South Devon where I combine my love of laser therapies with natural skin care treatments using the ZO Skin Health products. I use my award winning Harmony xl pro for all my laser therapies and also specialise in facial skin peels which are proving extremely popular. My clients are fantastic and come from all over the UK for their treatments. Increasingly, I’m finding that a lot of men are requesting consultations and laser therapies too, so please gentlemen, don’t be shy in coming forward to book your consultation. And for those of you who live a little way off, I also offer Virtual Consultations which are an amazing way to support you on your skincare journey.


Lastly, even though you may not live in Devon, I’m always here at the end of the phone or email, so please reach out. I realise that many of your skin concerns are highly personal and often emotive, so please know that I understand how you’re feeling and will always respect your privacy and honour your trust in me.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Carole xx 


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