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The Importance Of A Consultation

Why do I need a Consultation?

I firmly believe that Good Skin starts with an in-depth consultation.  Let’s sit down together and discuss your skin goals and look at daily routines, diet, lifestyle and any medical

Issues.  During this time, you can relax and unfold all your concerns so we can create a customised plan – tailored to your individual needs.

What will it involve?

I will include a comprehensive skin examination using Photo Imaging technology.  We together will delve beneath the skin's surface to identify the root cause of your specific concerns and

conditions.  With this knowledge and expert analysis, you will get to know your skin on a deeper level. Remember ‘A healthy skin is a happy skin’ and my goal is to help you achieve this by

empowering you with my many tools, tips, and expert advice.

Understanding your new skin journey will help you to make better

decisions leading to POSITIVE SOLUTIONS.

Bespoke skin assessment 45mins   ………………………………………£60

What about the Ultimate Consultation

We could Dive even Deeper? And include a ‘Finger Prick Blood Test’ which provides a deep insight into your overall health, answering many questions about your skin health?  With the

balance test we can investigate your essential omega 6:3 ratio with six health markers.  You will learn about your cell membrane fluidity, protection value and so much more.

1hr………… £135.00

My aim is to support and provide you with the best skincare routine, treatment plan and most of all the best results!

I look forward to joining you on your exciting new skin & health journey

Carole  xx

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