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Medical Grade Mesotherapy Products and Waterside's New Meso Glass Signature Facial.

I'm often asked what the skin will look like after a mesotherapy treatment. Well this is it - beautiful, fresh, glassy looking skin that looks plump, nourished and glowing.

Mesotherapy treatments continue to be one of my most popular treatments in 2023 so in July, I decided to take a course that would allow me to use medical grade mesotherapy products and thereby introduce a greater choice of treatments into my practice.

As a result, I'm proud to announce the new Waterside Signature Facial - The Meso Glass Signature Facial. This 90 minute facial treatment uses medical grade mesotherapy products to lift, firm and hydrate the skin whilst also treating scars and acne. What's more, it can successfully be used to treat puffy eyes and dark circles!!

I'm truly excited about this treatment as I know just how spectacular the results are. You can call me for a chat or book a consultation on 07850 501836.


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