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Product of the month

This month I'm going to recommend a fabulous ZO Skin Health product which is great to introduce into your skin regime during the harsher Autumn/Winter months. It is:-

ZO Skin Renewal Creme is great for skins that get dry and sensitive, especially for those who are experiencing menopause, when the skin tends to get much drier. Apply before you put your SPF on in the morning and it will beautifully absorb into your skin. It's good in the morning and/or evening, but I especially recommend you use it in the evening if you use Daily Power Defence in the morning.

You can purchase this product straight from my shop if I have given you the code and remember, whilst you're there, make sure you create an account by signing in so that you can become part of my VIP Loyalty Scheme too, that way you'll receive more free treatments from me!

Look forward to seeing you in the clinic this month - oh and remember, it's Menopause Month too, so I've always got some special skin recommendations for all you lovely ladies in that time of life. Just ask me ....

Lots of love,

Carole xx

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