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Mother Figures

On March 19th, traditionally Mothering Sunday here in the UK, Waterside Aesthetics will be honouring ALL Mothering figures in their various different guises. How many of you out there are the nurturing mums of pets or other animals? Grandmothers, Aunties, Godmothers, Sisters? Maybe you know an attentive mother of a beautiful garden or outdoor space; then there are the courageous matriarchs protecting our oceans, forests and soils and the nurturers, nurses, therapists and teachers that gift us all so much of their time.

And then there are those of us whose Mum's have passed beyond the veil but who we keep safe with us in our hearts is Carole with her beautiful Mum who passed away a few years ago but whose smile still illuminates the world. She is always carried safely in Carole's heart. Yes, the maternal archetype runs deep in many, which is why our Mother’s Day gift is open to ALL.

So, book a Signature Facial with Carole before the 19th March and you will receive a free Mother’s Day product that you can pick yourself and gift to the maternal figure of your choice.

Maybe you’d like to gift it to a friend or a sister who has supported you through challenges. Or maybe you’d like to pass it forward to someone who is nurturing this world back to Love by shining their light brightly for others.

Or maybe you can gift it to YOURSELF, an act of self love and nurture in appreciation of just how amazing you are...

Contact Carole now on 07850 501836 and she’ll be pleased to book in your Facial for you. REMEMBER, to receive your FREE gift, you’ll need to book the Signature Facial before the19th March!

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Lots of love, your Waterside family.

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