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Thoughts About Aesthetics

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Unfortunately, there are still so many stigmas and stereotypes concerning aesthetics. It is an industry that is often portrayed in social media as being rife with vanity and self absorption.

But this is not the case.

I take the time in every consultation to understand what a patient has been going through by truly looking and listening without judgement. I often find there is a real trauma or sadness that has brought them to my chair, and it has nothing to do with vanity. They may have been through a lot during their life but they haven't been able to tell the truth about how they feel because of the fear of judgement or ridicule.

Well, there is never any judgement in my clinic. By actively listening to every single one of my clients, I’m able to empathise and alleviate any fears they may have. Everyone deserves to be heard and have their feelings validated.

You see, our appearance is very caught up with our history, which often includes periods of great sadness and pain. For instance, wrinkles may form on someone’s face after years trauma and holding tension in their forehead. Those wrinkles become a constant reminder of that pain - it's almost as if the body is holding onto the past. In helping clients regain a healthy, nourished skin, it can release them from these painful reminders, and gift them the confidence to go out and be the best version of themselves once again. There is nothing vain in that.

Grief can especially be written on someone's face. It is no surprise then, that clients usually make their way to me after a period of grieving and when they feel ready to step out into their future. It’s a daunting time and they just want to look like themselves again in order to move forward. It’s not about perfect ratios and immaculate complexions, it's about feeling confident enough to face the world and connect with others... to basically, allow themselves to feel excited about life again.

This is what I believe aesthetics enables and why I love it so much.

To successfully help clients in this way, the soft skill of understanding people and knowing what will bring them more confidence, is the most important skill of any aesthetician. You can’t teach it, it’s just something that comes innately and through years of experience. For me, it’s the most important part of aesthetics because it can empower clients to make huge transformations in their life. It's beautiful to witness and to be a part of and in truth, it's what makes me get up in the morning.

Carole xx

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