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Book your Luxury Signature Facial before 30th September and receive a special skin health gift too!

Isn’t it amazing how summer seems to have flown by so quickly? Do you feel like there’s never been enough time for you to step out of the busyness? How much better would you feel if you could just book some time out for a treatment and giver yourself permission to relax and invest in yourself?

Let’s do this.

I was thinking about this myself because in a few weeks, on Sat 17th I’ll be off to the BABTAC Awards where I'm a finalist in the Advanced Aesthetic Therapist Award. It seems like only yesterday that these awards felt months away but now, after a busy summer, I’m suddenly really nervous about it all. So, I’ve just started giving myself some extra treatments, including regular CollagenWave treatments and facials. I adore CollagenWave because it truly brings about a wonderful glow and a healthy tightening and strength to my skin. I’ve already seen a huge difference to my skin tone which is helping my self esteem and that’s great, because t this rate it will be Sept 17th before I know it!

So now I really want to share these positive experiences with you too!

Why not book in for a relaxing Waterside Luxury Signature Facial in the next few weeks to help boost your own self confidence and skin health. What better gift to yourself than some relaxing, stress free You time. The facial combines a CollagenWave treatment (usually worth £150) With a facial (usually worth £85) at a total price of just £195. This saves you the £40 you’d pay on booking the two treatments separately and if you book in before September 30th I’ll even gift you a skin health product too, because you are most definitely, worth it. Win win!

Just call me on 07850501836 and lets book you in for some You time, now!

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