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Be gentle on yourself....

For a number of us, it's been a very emotional week here at the clinic but Carole has been strong at the helm and got us through our wobbles.

It got us to thinking. Yes, Carole has a terrific specialist knowledge and expertise in skin health which she's built up over twenty five years. And yes, she's been at the forefront of the business for decades and the success of her clinics has always reflected that. But we feel that it is also her other unique qualities that may stand her apart from the rest - those qualities of nurture, empathy and intuition.

In short, she truly cares and wants you to become the best version of you that you can be.

You see, your skin is such an emotive subject and we know it takes a lot of courage to actually reach out and ask fo help. We all feel incredibly vulnerable when we enter a treatment room and have someone look at us without our mask of makeup, it's can be completely traumatising. And yet with Carole it feels completely natural. You know you are with a friend. She listens without judgement, allows you to tell your story and to cry if you need to before gently guiding you on your journey to skin health and confidence. There is no pressure, no hard sell ... just choices.

She intuitively understands and it's a gift.

Maybe this is because Carole has faced many challenges in her own life so she knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed and anxious. She has suffered the loss of loved ones, been a single parent, built a business up completely on her own and gone through tragedies just like the rest of us. She cares, and understands that life can take its toll on you and your skin. Which is why, we know that when you walk into Waterside Aesthetics, you will be in the very best of hands.

You are safe to heal.

So please, if you have skin problems or just need a skin confidence boost, send Carole an email now at and start your healing journey to beautiful, healthy skin and the lifetime that you very much deserve.

You're in safe hands.

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