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Life Changer

We have many success stories here at Waterside Aesthetics but this is one special client that we’d really like to celebrate and thank.

We'd like to dedicate this blog to our star client Joanna. Joanna is an absolute angel and always make us smile when she comes to visit the clinic. Joanna has had problem skin since being a teenager - acne, redness and hypersensitivity. Working with Carole, you can see in these before and after pictures just what spectacular results she has achieved. Carole prescribed ZO Skin Health products and treatments alongside a Harmony XLPro Clear Vein Laser course. Et voila!

Before: -

After: -

We are continuing to work with Joanna on her skincare journey but we’ll thought we'd let Joanna tell you her story in her own words. We hope it inspires you on your own road to optimum skin health with Carole. 1. How long had you been having trouble with your skin and what were the main problems? I’ve always had ‘problem skin’ but it was made worse following on from a stressful period in my life. About 6 years ago, it was progressively getting worse. On the surface it appeared dry, so I kept on moisturising and started to add other moisturising products to my skin. Big mistake! I was just feeding oil into my skin. I couldn’t remove my makeup without my skin bleeding and you can see from the photo, how bad it got. 2. How did you feel about your skin? Did it effect your mood or mental health in any way?

I was super down about my skin and my appearance. Following my divorce, I met my now new husband, but the embarrassment when I removed my makeup was really awful. Fortunately I met a good man who helped me with my confidence. 3. How did you hear about Carole?

I had actually worked as Carole’s receptionist for a short time so I knew about the work she was doing and her passion and knowledge about skin health. 4. What was it like going to your first treatment with Carole? What did she do and how did she make you feel?

When I decided drastic action was needed, Carole was the only person I wanted to speak to. She was always so passionate about good skin health and I always saw great results in her customers so I knew she could sort my skin out! 5. What did she advise?

She advised me to have a course of four chemical peels to get the oil and acne under control and told me to stop moisturising immediately. She gave me a range of ZO Health products and I started cleansing, exfoliating and then using an oil control pad, followed by the ZO acne control cream.

6.What about Laser Treatments?

Carole advised me to have a course of three laser vascular treatments using the Clear Vein Harmony XLPro Laser. I wouldn’t say they hurt, more like a light burning sensation, which lasted a couple of days. My skin was amazing afterwards and would highly recommend the treatment. 6. What was the overall experience of having these treatments with Carole like? Were you fearful of the consultation/treatment process or did you look forward to it?

Nothing about Carole made me fearful, I knew she was the lady to sort my skin out so I was never nervous about anything she did or advised. The peels themselves (I still have them) tingle a little, but they basically make you feel like your skin is breathing, clean of oil and basically, create a brighter complexion. I stopped using a brand name double wear foundation and switched to Jane Iredale BB cream instead as this is a mineral makeup. 7. How soon was it before you started to see improvements? What were they?

I started to see improvements almost straight away. The acne stopped appearing within a few weeks and whilst the redness continued for a little while, I knew the products were working. 8. How do you feel about your skin now? Has it made you feel more confident or happier in yourself?

I LOVE my new skin! My bathroom looks like Carole’s stock room! I love the products, I love that they actually work for me and I can’t see that I will ever change! 9. What are the plans for the future regarding your skin care? Will you continue to see Carole?

I won’t ever trust anyone but Carole! I call her my fairy skin mother. I will continue using the ZO Health products and will definitely continue with the facials. 10 What would you advise others who might be suffering with skincare problems to do? Would you recommend they get in contact with Carole?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carole. She is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. I think it’s fair to say, my skin may have been her biggest challenge – although you’d have to ask her of course! She is as excited as I am on the results and how it’s made me feel. On a recent visit to Carole, she was prepping up the products and asked what foundation I was wearing – to which I replied … none! RESULT! We did ask Carole and this is what she said, “I’m so delighted to receive this feedback from Joanna, she has been an absolute joy to work with. It is every woman’s dream to have a flawless complexion without any makeup. My aim is to help make that dream come true… it’s why I get up in the mornings! I know how much time and money Joanna invested in her treatments and wanted to do the very best for her, as I do for all my clients. I am absolutely thrilled to see that she now has the confidence to have days without an ounce of makeup on. That’s a real life changer!

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