Yes, ageing skin is a part of life, but premature ageing really shouldn't have to be.  Genetics, skin type, gravity, daily facial movement, lifestyle choices, stress, hydration and even your sleep position, can all have an effect on how quickly your skin ages.


Signs of ageing include the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone and loss of natural hydration. The biggest impact comes from lifestyle choices such as diet, hydration, cosmetics, sun exposure and free radical damage.

Environmental factors such as sun damage and the use of the wrong skincare products are responsible for 80% of premature skin ageing, known as Photo ageing.


Natural, genetic ageing (also known as chronological ageing) only makes up 20%

Treatment Recommendations 

LED Facial

IPL Facial



iPixel Skin Resurfacing

Hair Removal



ZO® products are specifically designed to address both the visible signs and key triggers of ageing at every phase.  It is imperative that you undergo a free, 40 skincare  consultation with Carole before any treatment in order that she can examine your skin in detail and talk to you fully about your lifestyle and skincare regime. 

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